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The High-Leverage Teaching Practices podcast released by the NFLRC is a series of 7 episodes based on the book Enacting the World of Language Instruction: High-Leverage Teaching Practices by Eileen Glisan and Rick Donato (2017). The episodes are designed to enhance the book contents. All interviews are hosted by Nicole Naditz for the NFLRC. The NFLRC contributed its expertise in instructional design and technology and provided logistical support. Each episode features interviews with world language professionals who share their insights and experience in relation to each of the HLTPs.

The lessons linked to each episode contain a video of the interview, additional information with links, a quiz, and question prompts for discussion or reflection.

High-Leverage Teaching Practices

High-Leverage Teaching Practices: An Introduction

An interview with Eileen Glisan and Rick Donato on main aspects of HLTPs.

Yo Azama

HLTP 1: Facilitating TL Comprehensibility

An interview with Yo Azama on facilitating target language comprehensibility.

Toni Theisen

HLTP 2: Building a Classroom Discourse Community

An interview with Toni Theisen on building a classroom discourse community.

Stephen Tschudi & Don Doehla

HLTP 3: Guiding Learners to Interpret and Discuss Authentic Texts

An interview with Stephen Tschudi and Don Doehla on Guiding Learners to Interpret and Discuss Authentic Texts.

Randa Taftaf

HLTP 4: Focusing on Form in a Dialogic Context Through PACE

An interview with Randa Taftaf on Focusing on form in a dialogic context through the PACE model.

Jacqueline Van Houten

HLTP 5: Focusing on Cultural Products, Practices, and Perspectives in a Dialogic Context

An interview with Jacque Van Houten on focusing on cultural products, practices, and perspectives in a dialogic context.

Christine Lanphere

HLTP 6: Providing Oral Corrective Feedback to Improve Learner Performance

An interview with Christine Lanphere on focusing on providing oral corrective feedback to improve learner performance.



Interested in learning about the Intersections between High-Leverage Teaching Practices (HLTPs) and Project-Based Language Learning (PBLL)? Check out our Short Course!


Intersections between PBLL and High-Leverage Teaching Practices

This short course is designed for instructors interested in learning how HLTPs can enhance their PBLL practices.
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