Second language teaching and learning in the Net Generation

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Today’s young people—the Net Generation—have grown up with technology all around them. However, teachers cannot assume that students’ familiarity with technology in general transfers successfully to pedagogical settings. This volume examines various technologies and offers concrete advice on how each can be successfully implemented in the second language curriculum.


Abbreviations Used In This Book
Raquel Oxford & Jeffrey Oxford
1 (Re)situating the Role(s) of New Technologies in World-Language Teaching and Learning
Rémi A. van Compernolle & Lawrence Williams
2 Internet and Language Teaching/Learning: Reflections on
Online Emerging Technologies and Their Impact on Foreign-Language Instruction
Ana Niño
3 Digital Natives and Their Self-Rated Electronic Literacy Skills: Empirical Findings From a Survey
Study in German Secondary Schools
Carolin Fuchs
4 Hybridizing the Curriculum: Needs, Benefits, Challenges,
and Attitudes
Senta Goertler
5 Reaching Students: A Hybrid Approach to Language Learning
Lauren Rosen
6 The Influence of Technology on Second-Language Writing
Raquel Oxford
7 Podcasting and the Intermediate-Level Spanish Classroom
Nancy Bird-Soto & Patricia Rengel
8 Podcasting in the Language Classroom: Inherently Mobile or Not?
Lara Ducate & Lara Lomicka
9 The Coalescence of Spanish Language and Culture Through Blogs
and Films
Vanessa Lazo-Wilson & Clara Inés Lozano Espejo
10 Pragmatic Variation Among Learners of French in Real-Time
Chat Communication
Claire A. McCourt
11 These Horses Can Fly! and Other Lessons From Second Life:
The View from a Virtual Hacienda
Gloria B. Clark
12 A New Language for the Net Generation: Why Second Life Works for the Net Generation
Jessamine Cooke-Plagwitz
13 Web-Based Language Portfolios and the Five Cs: Implementation in Foreign Language
College Classrooms
Jane Blyth Warren.
14 Awakening to the Power of Video-Based Web-Conferencing Technology to Promote Change
Paula Charbonneau-Gowdy

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